5 WA Craft Beers to Take to Your Next Party (and not look like a flog)

Even though the craft beer scene is getting bigger and bigger, sometimes it can still be an impossible task explaining what the hell a Belgian Farmhouse Ale is to a bunch of mates, so we hide our passion for good beer and pretend to enjoy a 6 pack of (insert name of bulk produced lager here).

Well fear no more, as we have compiled a list of bevies that won't have your mates asking "is that one of them bloody hipster beers?", whilst you secretly enjoy a full flavoured beer straight from the can.

1. Colonial Pale Ale

Placing at a respectable #59 in the 2017 GABS hottest 100 beers, this beer is made for warm days by the pool. The simple label design (award winning) will keep any suspicious eyes off your beer, and Colonial brewery has been around long enough that even your most bogan mate has enjoyed their Kolsch at the brewery once before. Generally well priced and widely available, the Colonial Pale Ale is hard to look past.

2.  Honest Ale

The Honest Ale is a lightly hopped ale, made from the guys at Black Brewing Company in Margaret River. On first glance, this beer could be mistaken as another 'red tin', but on closer inspection you will find it is an easy drinking ale, made with Yallingup sea water, and designed for good, honest, hard working blokes.

3. Gage Roads Brewing Co - Single Fin

Thanks to the new Perth Stadium, Gage Roads has received a heap of exposure to regular punters recently, and anyone who has gone to a game there, or visited a Dan Murphys in the past while would be fairly familiar with Single Fin. Coming in at #5 in the 2017 GABS hottest 100, this beer is a cracker, and while it might not be the craftiest of craft beers, you will be able to drink it worry free, and at a darn good price too. Maybe give it some more time if you want to show off some Little Doves though.

4. Nail Brewing - MVP

The only thing more daunting than rocking up to a party with a couple of Gosé in hand is arriving with a mid-strength beer. But for the responsible few out there who still enjoy drinking a full flavoured brew, the Nail MVP is an obvious choice. Released in 2017, this beer has quickly become a crowd favourite as a middy. The simple design, use of the phrase "session ale" and being able to be hidden in your favourite stubby holder will keep you safe.

5. Bootleg Brewery - Raging Bull

This is a BIG dark ale made by the pioneers down at Bootleg Brewery in Margaret River, and is a definite 'winter night, around the campfire' type of beer. The beer has been around for yonks, and almost the entire population of WA would have heard of it and tried it in a tasting paddle on a boozy weekend away. Screaming in at around 7% alc will earn you some respect amongst the boys, but don't let them know that it tastes of dark chocolate, Christmas pudding and grandma's biscuits or you will out yourself as a beer snob.

Worthy Mentions

Little Creatures Beers

Whether you still consider these guys craft or not, all of their beers are widely available, affordable and have a bit more flavour than most. Most people can handle a Little Creatures Pale Ale nowadays, so you are very safe with anything from LC.

Feral Brewing Beers

Known amongst commoners as "oh that place in the Swan Valley", Feral has also reached widely acceptable status. Recently purchased by Coca-Cola, this brewery is still punching out ridiculous beers, and is a fairly safe bet to avoid questioning from the boys. 


In a perfect world, everyone would be a beer snob and you could talk about it for days, but if you're not up for the challenge of trying to convince old mate that he should give up his Mexican dunny water at least you can relax in peace and live to fight another day, whilst sipping on nectar from the God's (brewers). 

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