It's a Bird, It's a Plane, NO! It's Perth's Newest Brewery.

While professionals may disagree with the current economic climate in WA, there is no doubt that the Western Australian beer scene is currently zooming. I mean, booming. The most recent contribution comes by the way of some real Batman and Joker types; Heroes and Villains Beer.

The primary hero in this cartoon is head brewer Shannon Mizen, who started his brewing journey as many of us do, with a not so innocent can of concentrated malt syrup which made 20 litres of liquid which barely passed as beer, but fit within his budget.

While his batches are a little bigger now, his enthusiasm has always been there, and over the past 15 years he has honed his skills to reach this point, and his craft has been justified through a handful of accomplishments in brewing competitions and by a few trusted mates who would willingly sample his beer at Octoberfest parties. As we all know, good mates can be brutally honest, so when the beer that would become the future BOTNA Pale Ale received massive praise at one of said parties, he knew he was on the right track and that opening his own brewery would become his passion, which has lead him to their new brewery based at the back of the Oakover Grounds in Perth's Swan Valley.

Shannon says that the beers they brew will stay down to earth and remain approachable for seasoned drinkers, with enough happening for craft enthusiasts.

The BOTNA Pale Ale definitely delivers in that regard. A well-hopped golden pale bringing some beautiful tropical aromatics with flavours to match. The bitterness is at the lower end of the spectrum for a pale ale which makes it super drinkable. There is also a range of beers that are soon to be released which we cant wait to sample, and if the BOTNA is anything to go by, they will be rippers.

For now, you can get your hands on this super fresh, local beer by visiting a bunch of independent liquor stores and retailers where the BOTNA is available on tap (check Heroes and Villains Beer facebook page for details). There is no doubt that the addition of another brewery in the Swan Valley is a good thing and we’re confident that Heroes and Villains will be brewing long after the Avengers franchise ends.

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